Sterling Power in Australasia  – since 2004

Whether you’re a recreational or professional consumer, we can help with your battery charging and condition needs. Sterling Power Australasia specializes in Marine, RV, and Industrial battery charging solutions. Our marine grade products like our new Pro Charge Ultra Marine Grade Battery Charger provide award winning, high performance battery charging solutions. With our battery charging products you can decrease run time, maximize charging speeds and provide your batteries the correct charging profiles. Doing so maximize battery performance and battery life. Your batteries are an expensive investment, be sure you are charging them correctly. Providing the correct charge voltage for your battery is easy with innovative battery charging products like our newest marine grade battery charger, the Pro Charge Ultra. With 11 preset battery charging profiles, and one user customizable setting, this battery charger can be set to charge all types of 12v and 24v batteries.

Not near shore power? Why wait to plug in your battery charger until you get home? With unique battery charging products like the Sterling Power “Battery to Battery Charger” or the “Alternator to Battery Charger”, you can provide a multistage charge to the auxiliary batteries while the boat or vehicle is running, away from shore power.

Other Sterling Power Australasia Products we offer include a DC to DC IP68 marine battery charger, a Power Factor Corrected IP68 battery charger, dry ount marine battery chargers, marine battery isolators, zero volt drop battery charging systems, advanced alternator regulators, Amp Hour Counters, a variety of DC powered battery chargers, IP68 waterproof battery charging relays and combination inverter chargers. Our battery charging solutions can meet the power demands being placed on your vessel today.

A United Kingdom based firm, Sterling Power Products, Ltd., manufactures many different lines of battery chargers, marine battery chargers, power inverters, battery charging relays, marine battery isolators and AC/DC power management products and accessories. They’ve been designing and manufacturing power products for almost 20 years in the UK, and Sterling Power recently launched to better serve customers with Sterling Power products. Sterling Power Australasia is poised to move ahead to become  Australasia’s leading supplier of electrical power management products for use in marine pleasure craft, recreational vehicle and emergency mobile vehicles, off grid applications – anywhere control of electrical power is needed.

At Sterling Power Australasia, after an eleven year association with Sterling UK we have built a customer-driven approach to product . We listen to your needs and use this to advise what we consider the best possible use of product line to give what you, our customer, is looking for. We believe in offering practical solutions that offer great value for your money. Our products have seen service in the Marine market, the Recreation Vehicle market & the Emergency vehicle market. Sterling Power Australasia has the AC and DC power management products to keep it all running safely.