AC Auto / Manual Crossover Switches

Pro Switch 32 – AC Automatic Switch 230V/110V-32A

The Pro Switch 32 is a 3 input 32A automatic crossover switch. It is designed to enable the user to connect 3 sources of AC to a central box (Pro Switch). The output of the Pro Switch is then intended to be directed to your ring mains. The 3 sources could be from shore power, an inverter and a generator. The Pro Switch prioritises the 1st input typically shore power). It will then automatically switch to the neighbouring inputs when required.

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32A Internal Switch. Switches live and neutral with a 25ms time delay to prevent wave doubling of the voltage and destroying sensitive equipment.

3 Channel Sequential Switching. Channel 1 is priority (typically shore power). Channel 2 is typically a generator. Channel 3 is typically an inverter. If the inverter and/or generator is connected along with shore power, shore power is priority.

Shore Supply
AC Up to 7000W continuous 32A, 230V AC

Generator AC
Up to 7000W continuous 32A, 230V AC.

Inverter AC
Up to 7000W continuous 32A, 230V AC.

230V or 110V AC. Either voltage scale can be used and can be mixed.

Multiple internal power sources. The Pro Switch powers itself from the connect AC supplies not from the DC batteries.

Faults / Reverse Polarity check: The unit will show if there is reverse polarity on channel โ€˜1โ€™ which is assumed to be the shore supply system.

Other Features: Includes a 10s time delay on the generator line to all generator start up.

Remote on/off: This switch enables the shore power to be switched โ€˜offโ€™ in the event of it not being powerful enough so that the more powerful inverter or onboard generator could do the job.


Control Box AC32A, Extra 230V / 20A contact relay CON1

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