Most problems caused on engine systems can be pre-empted and stopped before any catastrophic failure takes place. Many of these failures are caused by run away temperature rises on batteries / hydraulic systems / bearings etc. The Daisy Chain can be installed in these key areas and an alarm is sounded and/or a relay triggered to prompt a response.


The Daisy Chain is a trip/warning device to indicate when a safe working temperature has been exceeded – this prompts a response from you or a preset automatic response.

How does it work?
1 to 100 digital normally closed switch temperature sensors can be added in series. If any one of these sensor alarms (open circuits. The temperatures can be mixed within the same chain.

This product should be seen as a final response alarm where some major action is required to save the day.

Built to IP66 waterproof.

3 outputs signal relays offers both open circuit relay or a closed circuit relay. When the alarm is triggered the relay switches to prompt the response. This relay is rated to 16A. Could be used to switch of an engine or turn off a battery charger (preferably via a contacter).

Sterling has a more expensive version which looks at actual temperature and temperature rises. It also has remote display for the temperatures, look at the Sterling Voltage Temperature monitor.

Where would I use this?
A typical use would be if your batteries are prone to over heating due to one being defective. Use a 60 Deg C sensor on each battery within the bank and the unit will inform you of over temperature on the bank.


  • 1x Remote LED
  • 1x Buzzer (w/ LED)
  • 1x Switch (Buzzer off)
  • Multiple components are optional.

Internal signal relay rated at up to 16A 230V AC.

There is no limit to the mixture of sensors you use or how many you use. Bear in mind the more sensors you use the less specific the alarm is. For instance, if 10 sensors are fitted you do not know which one triggered the alarm.

Range of temperature sensors: 50 – 60 – 70 – 80 Deg C.

You can pick and mix sensors. It can be any manufacturer – provided the relay is normally closed circuited. Any sensor which goes from a closed circuit to an open circuit will alarm the unit.

Item description Code
12V Connection box plus 1 x Remote LED 1 x , Switch (alarm off). TSB12
24V Connection box plus 1 x Remote LED 1 x Buzzer, Switch (alarm off). TSB24
Temp sensor IP68 waterproof (No temp sensors supplied with unit)
50 deg C = 122 deg F Digital temp sensor TSD50
60 deg C = 140 deg F Digital temp sensor TSD60
70 deg C = 158 deg F Digital temp sensor TSD70
80 deg C = 176 deg F Digital temp sensor TSD80

12V Temp. Monitor TSB12, 24V Temp. Monitor TSB24, 50°C Digital Temp Sensor TSD50, 60°C Digital Temp Sensor TSD60, 70°C Digital Temp Sensor TSD70, 80°C Digital Temp Sensor TSD80

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