This new range of up to 20A waterproof 24-12V DC DC converters allow for continuous activation or an ignition on/off ability. This makes them ideal for marine or truck use where one is not always able to find that perfect dry position to install the product and then have the ability to manually turn the unit on or off.

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Not suitable for charging auxiliary battery systems. This is not a low cost Battery to Battery charger / advanced charger. This is a standard DC-DC converter with the added waterproof aspect.

Safety Features:

  • Cooling / Convection / Fan assistance
  • Input reverse polarity
  • Output reverse polarity
  • High Temperature trip
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection

Mode 1

On all the time. where the product works between the voltages specified and is not controlled by the engine being on or off this requires a stand by current consumption of about 20-30mA = about 4-5A per week.

Mode 2

Manual or ignition feed activation option where the product is activated by ignition feed from the engine or a separate switch. The advantage of this is that it eliminates the standby current consumption. This is ideal where vehicles are involved in long term idleness, or, you only want the 12V when engine is running.


Feature 10A Model 20A Model
Waterproof IP66 IP66 w/ IP55 Fan
Input V DC 20V-35V DC 20V-35V
Standy load on Automatic Mode 20mA 20mA
Standby load on Ignition Feed 0mA 0mA
Output current (continuous) 10A 20A
Output current (for 10 minutes) 12A 25A
Output current (maximum) 15A 35A
Efficiency 90% 90%

DC to DC waterproof converters

DC Input (V) DC Output (V) Input (A) Size L x W x D Weight kg Code
24 12 20 145 x 110 x 120 3 DCW20
24 12 20 145 x 110 x 120 3 DCW10
Power Variant

12V DCW10, 24V DCW20

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