Includes alternator and starter motor tests

What does the tester do?
To properly test a battery you need to test the voltage of it under a heavy load. This is what the Digital Battery Tester (DBT) does. The DBT puts a 125A load on the 12V battery for 10 seconds. It measure the rate of recovery of the battery’s voltage after the load has abated. The faster the recovery the healthier the battery. Superb device for measure battery condition.

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The load test. Depending on the size of the battery, this product adds a very high load to the battery (125 A). The battery should be able to deliver this load and hold the voltage up at the same time. If the battery is unable to deliver the load (and sustain it for this time frame) then the battery is either defective or simply not fully charged when the test was performed. This is why it is crucial to ensure the batteries are fully charged before the test is performed to eliminate that possibility.

The unit can also be used to measure the performance of the charging device (alternator / battery charger) – to inform the user whether the charging device is good, weak or bad.

10s Load test 125A
Voltage 12V (for 24/36V center tap)
Battery CCA rating 200-1000A
Battery Ah rating 30-140Ah
Indications good / weak / bad / sulphation extent
Battery Voltmeter yes
High Voltage trip 13V
Time between loads 120 seconds
Uses Batteries, Alternators, Starter Motors
DC Cable length 530mm
Size (LWD) 280mm x 100mm x 120mm
Weight 1.1kg
Code DBT125
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