Pro Save W – Waterproof Zinc Saver up to 110A

The new Pro Save W offers all the same great protection as the Pro Save A+C models but in a new waterproof plastic package.

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Stainless steel hardware and very low footprint, made possible by a new induction fan cooling system which only operates when the unit is in a major fault condition.

The new range also offers two LED warning lights. The two warning lights indicate the following:

  1. To indicate if there is a break through fault. For instance, if the earth voltage has exceed the ability of the device to protect the boat’s system (very rare this would ever be the case).
  2. Total failure due to massive short circuit way beyond the products ability to protect. The product has failed and the boat and personnel are in danger. If this fault is triggered there are underlying issues beyond that of the normal safety features of the shore power system. The over engineered aspect of this product cannot be overstated.

Safety first:
This product complies fully to European standard EN ISO 13297. Not to be used where UL / ABYC fail safe standard are required.

EN ISO 13297
Small Craft Directive

Built to IP66
IP55 – Replaceable fan

In fault condition the product does not exceed 90 deg C, during tests the product 24 hr fault temperature was sustained well below:

32A at full fault current (41 amps )after 24 hrs temp = 65 deg C
64A at full fault current (85 amps) after 24 hrs temp = 78 deg C
110A at full fault current(152 amps) after 24 hrs temp = 75 deg C

Waterproof Zinc Saver off fault plus 20%

Model Fault Current (24 hours) End Temp (Deg C)
32A 41A 65
64A 85A 78
110A 152A 75

Waterproof Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers

AC (A) Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Connector Code
32 150 x 120 x 118 1.0 6mm ZSW32
64 150 x 120 x 118 1.0 6mm ZSW64
110 155 x 170 x 118 1.8 8mm ZSW110
Power Variant

Pro Save W 32A ZSW32, Pro Save W 64A ZSW64, Pro Save W 110A ZSW110

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