Pro Latch R – Latching Relays

80 – 240A Models

The Pro Latch R is a versatile latching relay with 4 major operational modes. The benefit of using a latching style relay over a conventional relay is down to the efficiency of the relays. Conventional relays use up to as much as 0.5A to stay closed circuited. However, the latching relay does not use any current to stay closed. This is ideal for low harvest systems that include wind and solar. The 4 major operational modes are discussed below.


More Efficient. Latching relay technology is more efficient than conventional relays as they consume no power to stay closed. The only minor current drawn is via the software (0.5mA).

80A / 160A / 240A
12V and 24V.

IP66 Waterproof. The Pro Latch R is built to IP66, which is the highest level of waterproof and ingress proof rating.

Ideal for Solar and Wind technology. Along with other low harvest energy sources.

Intelligent switching algorithms. All operational modes switch the relay between on and off positions. There is a time and history element to when the relay changes position, it not a simple voltage threshold switch. This is designed to prevent unnecessary relay chatter and inefficiencies.

12V or 24V Auto select. The Pro Latch R’s can detect whether you have a 12V or 24V system and shall conduct its operation accordingly.

Operational Mode 1
Bidirectional Charging Mode. This mode allows activation of the Pro Latch R at both sides of the relay – ideal for normal between battery charging. Activation voltages are on at 13.3V and off at 13.0V.

Operational Mode 2
Battery Protection Mode. This mode allow the user to protect the battery from excessive charging and discharging. The on voltage is 12.0V and the off is 12.3V.

Operational Mode 3
Engine Start Protect. This mode allow the user to protect the start battery from discharging beyond a point whereby they can no longer
start the engine when cranking. The on voltage is 12.6V and the off is 12.4V.

Operational Mode 4
Unidirectional Charging Mode. This mode allows for relay activation on one side of the relay only. Very similar to mode 1 without the bi-directionality. On at 13.3V and off at 13.0V.

Code Continuous Current Max Intermittent Current Quiescent Current mA Input voltage Output stud Preset voltage Battery protect Starter Protect Charging mode
LR80 80A 500 0.5 12/24 auto 6 mm Off 10.9V on 12.8V Off 12.4V on 13V on 13.3 off 12.9
LR160 160A 1000 0.5 12/24 auto 8 mm Off 10.9V on 12.8V Off 12.4V on 13V on 13.3 off 12.9
LR240 240A 1500 0.5 12/24 auto 8 mm Off 10.9V on 12.8V Off 12.4V on 13V on 13.3 off 12.9
LRB80 80A 500 0.5 B = Budget: Relay only available with a fixed/non adjustable factory setting, non-programmable
LRR Latching relay remote with 5 metres of cable, for longer use standard telephone cable extension.
Power Variant

80 LR80, 160 LR160, 240 LR240, Remote LRR

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