Battery De-sulphation & Maintenance device

Prolongs battery’s life by up to 100% and improves battery performance: Sulphate build up on plates reduces the battery’s life span and performance. By connecting a Pro Pulse this sulphate is removed and allows the battery to live longer and have greater performance.


Connect across 12V: The Pro Pulse reverse feeds a small electrical pulse back into the battery which prevents and also reverses sulphation on the battery plates.

This is not a battery charger and it cannot actually charge your batteries, it is a desulphation device.

New Models good for up to 500Ah battery bank at 12V.

Waterproof IP66 (built to).

Offline current draw 1.8mA

Not required if you already have an advanced battery charging system from Sterling as they have desulphation cycles built into their charging profiles.

By keeping the plates clean and free from sulphation the battery stays fresh and responsive to charging and discharging.

Model good for up to 150Ah battery bank at 12V.

Requires a charging source to operate. It shall not deplete your battery bank. Operation voltages are 13.3V+ (at 12V) and 26.6V+ (at 24V).

Rejuvenates older battery(s) and sharpens their response. This allows them to accept faster charge and preserves their cold cranking ability.

Product Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Code
De-Sulphation unit 12V up to 150Ah battery bank 100 x 90 x 30 0.2 PP12V
De-Sulphation unit 12V up to 150Ah battery bank (IP68) 90 x 90 x 60 0.2 PPW12150
De-Sulphation unit 12V up to 500Ah battery bank (IP68) 90 x 90 x 60 0.2 PPW12500
De-Sulphation unit 24V up to 250Ah battery bank (IP68) 90 x 90 x 60 0.25 PPW24250
Power Variant

12V 150Ah PP12V, 12V 150Ah (IP68) PPW12150, 12V 500Ah (IP68) PPW12500, 24V 250Ah (IP68) PPW24250

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