Pro Reg DW (Waterproof)


Maximum Alternator Rating:
With existing fitted regulator 400A alternator.
With no fitted regulator 200A alternator.

Field Rating:
Positive Field Control = 12A maximum field current.
Negative Field Control = 18A maximum field current.

12V and 24V operation

Waterproof IP66 (built to) – as the unit is
sealed the longevity of the regulator is significantly enhanced as the circuit board is not exposed to the elements.

15 LED information panel

Pro Reg DW Advanced alternator regulator

Voltage DC Size L x W x D mm Weight kg Code
12V & 24V 160 x 96 x 55 0.58 PDARW
Remote control 170 x 90 x 40 0.25 PDARR
Power Variant

Pro Reg DW PDARW, Remote for PDAR and PDARW

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