Voltage Sensitive and Ignition Fed Relays


Analogue VSR: The Analogue VSR is the most affordable VSR that Sterling does. It has no adjustable features. The user cannot adjust the voltage thresholds and there is no switching delay.

The unit is also not 12V / 24V auto select. They are simply 12V or 24V models. The unit has a fixed on voltage of 13.3V and the fixed off voltage of 13.0V. Ignition override is also possible.

Voltage Sensitive Relays (adjustable)

DC (V) Rated (A) Weight kg Code
12 80 0.1 VSRA8012
12 160 0.1 VSRA16012
24 80 0.1 VSRA8024
24 160 0.1 VSRA16024
Power Variant

12V 80A VSRA8012, 12V 160A VSRA16012, 24V 80A VSRA8024, 24V 160A VSRA16024

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