Voltage Sensitive Relays Pro Con VSR range (80A-240A)

Voltage Sensitive and Ignition Fed Relays


0.0V drop and low quiescent current. The voltage drop is 0.01V allowing for negligible power loss across the relay. The quiescent current is 1mA.

Uni and Bidirectional charging relay: Multiple relays can be used to link / isolate as many battery banks as suitable.

Built to IP66 waterproof

Available in: 80A, 160A, 240A
12/24V auto select.

Start up time delays: A 30 second start up time delay prevents the relay coming on while the engine is being started, protecting the relay circuit and preventing fuses blowing and damage to the relay.

High quality brass connections.

Automatic voltage activation. True to word the relays are sensitive to voltage. On voltage is 13.3V. Off is 13.0V (x2 for 24V). This can be manually changed. Ignition/signal override is possible to allow for manual override.

6 LED information display.

Voltage Sensitive Relays (adjustable)

DC (V) Rated (A) Size L x W x D mm Weight kg Code
12 & 24 auto 80 140 x 180 x 40 0.1 VSR80
12 & 24 auto 160 140 x 190 x 40 0.2 VSR160
12 & 24 auto 240 140 x 200 x 40 0.25 VSR240
Power Variant

VSR 80A 12/24 Auto select, VSR 160A 12V/24V Autoselect, VSR 240A 12V/24V Autoselect

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