Voltage & Temperature Monitoring System with Alarm

The voltage & temperature monitoring system measures 4 voltages and 3 temperatures. Not only can the unit monitor, it can also have each channel alarm at specific levels. The high and low voltage alarms and the high temperature alarms can be set by the user. When the unit alarms, a relay circuit can be activated to induce a response.

Kit includes:
1 x control box
1 x remote control
1 x temperature sensor

Manual lock or auto scan. The unit will, on default, simply scan through all 4 voltage and 3 temperatures remaining on each parameter for about 3 seconds. You have the option to allow continuous scan or simply lock the display on the one screen. Please note that even if you have locked the display on one parameter all the other parameters are still being scanned. If there is an alarm on one of the other channels while you have it locked onto a different channel the alarm will breakthrough. After you acknowledge the alarm the previously locked screen will return automatically.

Relay Circuit. There is a relay offering normally closed (N/C) or normally opened (N/O) switching. This can then be used to activate whatever you wish to upon the alarm levels being reached. We predict this relay circuit shall be used to start up generators when the batteries get down to a certain voltage. Other examples, using temperature, would include an engine switching off under high system temperatures. There are an array of examples. Background LED lights will only stay on in auto mode when the system has surplus power i.e. it’s charging.

Special Generator start ability. Switching a relay to activate a generator is quite simple. However, knowing when to stop it is more difficult. There are numerous options to stop the generator based on voltage, temperature or time. For instance you may wish to stop the generator when the batteries hit a certain voltage / temperature / after a set time. There is also a safety timeout setting to prevent the generator staying on indefinitely because the battery charger has failed.

Automatic backlight color change. The backlight can change its colour automatically if the colour change value has been tripped.
In a 12V system: <12.2V = red, <13.2V = green, <15V = blue, >15V = red.
These values can be changed for each channel individually.

Supply voltage: 8 – 35VDC
Current consumption: < 3mA Temperature range: 10 – 150 Deg C

Setting degree C or degree F scale.

Buzzer alarms: for any alarms the buzzer can be on or off. If on the alarm can be muted.

Removing unwanted alarms. There is an upper (voltage + temperature) and lower voltage alarm (voltage) for each setting. You may not wish to engage some of these alarms, you can simply remove any alarms you wish not to use.

Low voltage saving. The lowest voltage for each channel will be saved. The voltage has to remain at this level for minimum 10 minutes to be saved. This prevents the use of anchors / bowthrusters influencing the low voltage point, as these devices are only transient. This value can be deleted to run a new low voltage monitoring.

Lock unit. For security, there is the ability to lock the settings by a code. In the case you have locked the unit it will only be possible to cycle through the displays on the screen and to mute an alarm.

Voltage Temperature Monitoring

Input DC (V) Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Code
12-24V 70 x 70 x 60 0.2 TVM1
Extra temp sensors (1 included) purchase more TS1

Remote Control:

Backlight colour user selectable (blue, red or green) or Auto select, changes colour based on alarms or conditions.
Screen alarms: for any alarms the screen will display a red screen.

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