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Yacht Corrosion Monitor + Work Book and Yacht Corrosion Meter

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Yacht Corrosion Monitor + Work Book

Corrosion Test Meter + Instruction Manual. This includes survey report documents. The meter is used to measure each item on the boat (overboard bronze fittings, bronze valves, rudders, prop shafts etc). After testing, the survey reports show if your boat is completely bonded correctly or if there are issues.

This equipment highlights any electrical and electrolytic problems which will cause expensive corrosion on a boat.

Stray AC or DC current detection. Stray current causes horrendous damage.

Use kit every 6 months on boat to ensure anodes are still working and bonding is correct.

The Analogue Corrosion Test Meter comes with:
20ft red lead with essential Silver / Silver chloride half cell.
10ft black lead test probe.
Green=Good, Yellow=Bad.

Yacht Corrosion Meter

This meter monitors galvanic voltage and is suitable for boats up to 65ft. It instantly confirms adequate protection or damaged corrosion.

Silver / silver anode through hull fitting.

The unit permanently monitors your bonding cable, using a Silver / Silver chloride through hull reference point.

Supplied with Silver / Silver Chloride half-cell sensor.

Gives clear indication if anodes need to be replaced and instantly picks up any problems with shore power, earth leaks etc.

Simple yellow and green scale monitors the voltage.

This product should be used after the survey system (above) confirms that your bonding system is correctly connected to all your fittings.

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Corrosion test meter and book CTMB
Yacht Corrosion Monitor CYM

Corrosion test meter and book CTMB, Yacht corrosion monitor CYM

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