Pro Save Range – Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers

16 – 120A Range

In order for modern boat builders to comply with modern CE standards such as EN ISO 13297 they must fit the shore earth wire to your boats bonding system which is also connected to the hull / anodes etc. This ensures that any 230V mains faults will operate the R.C.D on the boat in order to save your life. However, now your boat is connected to the rest of the boats in the marina. This results in 2 main problems. Firstly, any increase in voltage on any earth in the marina may result in the dissolving of your anodes. Secondly, if you have a zinc / magnesium / aluminium anode on your boat and the boat next to you (or marina) does not then your boat shall be protecting everyone resulting in dramatic losses of anode.

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The solution, Sterling’s Pro Save. The zinc savers maintain the continuity with the earth to ensure safety (EN ISO 13297 standard) but prevent any stray currents coming up the earth. The Pro Save has to be built to stringent testing and has to be able to carry its current rating for 24 hours without exceeding 90 degrees centigrade.

Zinc Savers / Galvanic Isolators

16A 30A 50A models

Rate to AC shore power rating.
Small marinas 16A.
Medium Marinas 30A.
Large Marinas 50A.

Available with or without Internally installed capacitors. The 30A and 50A models have 25,000uF 2.5V capacitors installed. This raises performance in extreme AC leakage conditions.

Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers Standard Euro Version

AC (A) Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Code
16 120 x 100 x 90 1.0 ZS16A
30 220 x 120 x 100 1.5 ZS30A
50 200 x 265 x 100 1.8 ZS50A


Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers Standard Euro Version with Cap

AC (A) Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Code
30 220 x 120 x 100 1.5 ZS30C
50 220 x 165 x 100 1.8 ZS50C


Power Variant

Pro Save A 16A ZS16A, Pro Save A 30A ZS30A, Pro Save A 50A ZS50A, Pro Save C 30A ZS30C, Pro Save C 50A ZS50C, Fail Safe 30A ZSFS30, Fail Safe 60A ZSFS60

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